Parties & Receptions

Parties & Wedding Receptions

For over 15 years, Hometown Catering has been a go-to caterer for fine arts performances and after parties, wedding receptions, festival events, holiday parties and, of course, sports banquets and fan club events.


No need to be shy about your appetite after the big game when Hometown Catering is on the job. We have terrific catering menus and won’t skimp on the quantity or the quality of our food orders. We’ll also be ready to recommend health tips and tricks including rehydration and meal solutions that will stick to your ribs.


Wedding Receptions

There’s no better choice of a buffet service in Ottawa for a wedding brunch or dinner with wet- or dry-bar service. Let us take extra care with all of your food arrangements so that all you can focus on having a fantastic wedding-day experience with family and friends.


Expecting a really large crowd? No problem. Dishing food for hundreds at a time is old hat for us.

Holiday Parties

Holidays are just better than the rest of the days because of the people and the food. Hometown Catering does brisk business during the holidays, especially with employee groups and companies. Let us impress your guests with our exceptional food and quality of care.

Star Performers & After Parties

When the National Arts Centre calls, we provide catering services to top-class acts on tour through Ottawa. A few recent examples:

The Orleans Red Sox went onto the Canadian Junior Little League Championship after this fame (2010).

Ask us about bringing an authentic taste of your country-of-origin into your wedding menu.

catering for canada day

This Canada Day, Hometown Catering will be keeping Ottawa’s finest volunteers fed and watered on the Hill.

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