Ottawa’s First Sportsbar

The Vasilas family has been dishing great food and good times at this Bank Street location since 1997 – site of the first sports grill in Ottawa and the home-away-from-home to local sports fans of all ages.

All sports all the time. We are as fanatical about sports as you are!

Fan friendly. Hometown is the only sports grill in the capital where you can bring the whole family – or the whole sports team — and not feel out of place.

Exceptional food. Our chef is classically trained so our food–and our catering–is awesome.

Free parking. Ample on-site and overflow parking.

Customers First

front of houseYou won’t find an Ottawa sports restaurant that works harder for its customers. Our fan-friendly front-of-house staff are first rate

For owner Tasso Vasilas and his three sons Chris, Terry and Manoli–who also work in the business–the inspiration for Hometown Sports Grill came from the need to create something better for Ottawa’s growing sports fan base.

Achieving that meant transforming this large Bank Street restaurant into a welcoming space for everyone, emphasizing quality food so that the appeal of the place went well beyond its big-screen TVs, and working harder to deliver a great customer experience.

A hockey club owner himself, Tasso had The Penalty Box built into Hometown as a private meeting space for local sports teams to eat and unwind after a game. Plenty of business meetings are held here, too.

Always innovative, always unique, Tasso was co-owner of the first sports bar in Ottawa to offer chicken wings by the pound.

Manager Chris Vasilas brings significant restaurant management strength to the operation and the kind of customer appreciation that comes with being a key part of this landmark family-owned restaurant.

Tasso and Chris have made great use of the sizeable kitchen and staff for catering purposes. In fact, Hometown Catering has been operating here in Ottawa nearly as long as the restaurant. With 15 years’ catering experience behind it, the Hometown Catering reputation has only been helped by the major renovation completed here last year. Not only is the restaurant venue in tip top shape, the kitchen is equipped with a few more top of the line pieces that make catering for large scale events possible.

Hometown’s hospitality staff are first-rate communicators and on constant alert for customer cues. You can really count on having prompt and attentive service here at Hometown Sports Grill.

Food First

hometown-back-of-houseUnder the leadership of Hometown’s kitchen manager Hamzeh Bicher, the exceptional talent in our back-of-house keeps our restaurant and catering customers coming back for more.

No expense was spared in our kitchen, where Hometown’s cooks are equipped with griddles, charcoal grills, pizza ovens, and convection bake ovens. No wonder Hometown’s appetizers, mains and desserts always taste so great!

Yes! We use market-fresh ingredients and make our famous house sauces from scratch.